Consultancy & Validation

“A complete team providing quality solutions”

asyval asesoría validación


Consultancy firm specialized in providing: validation services, technical support, counseling and project management to pharmaceutical companies and related working under GxP regulations.
Quality is a must for us. Therefore, all our activity continuously purses this goal.
Offering comprehensive solutions, our service aims to be as complete as possible and fit for all kinds of projects.
Oriented to customer satisfaction, empathy is our basis for aligning ourselves with client needs in each project.
All the actions we take are based on our exact and current knowledge of quality regulations and guidelines.

For a project’s success, the coordination of all parts is fundamental. With this purpose, we harmonize installation and validation activities.

Our methodology is based on strategies aimed at obtaining efficient and optimal results.
Our curiosity for knowledge and active participation in organizations within this sector keep us up to date with the latest trends in technologies, regulations and guidelines.
On our projects, we give the utmost importance to quality, regulation compliance and customer needs.


ASYVAL was founded in 2003. Our versatile team of technical professionals with different backgrounds allows us to offer global solutions to your project needs.

In 2004, we were awarded by the Diputació de Barcelona with the prize for the business initiative with the best quality management system. Currently, this quality management system is ISO 9001 certified.

We are a flexible company, working in alongside the customer to provide the most adequate support at all times, accommodating to their needs and those of their environment. This has contributed on our consolidation in the sector, thanks to the trust we have collected from our customers, both nationally and internationally.

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We work for sectors that require quality regulations’ compliance.


We have a highly qualified staff with extensive experience in order to be able to offer the best Validation Services, Quality Consulting, Project Management and Training.


We accommodate to customer needs, proving technical support to the required level for each project.

We can work on different levels: participating in specific parts of a project, taking part in the whole project, or representing the client in front of external suppliers.



We know that our customer’s main objective is quality. Correspondingly, we are expressly committed to achieve the most efficient and optimal quality service. In order to accomplish this our key strengths are:

Our customers endorse us, value our quality level and are our best and most meaningful certificate. You can corroborate this with them, as well as by requesting our ISO 9001 certificate and quality policy sending an email to under the subject “ASYVAL documentation”